Complementing its rail transport offerings, TransVolution can provide a variety of rail services which leverage its rail safety accreditation and the operational experience of its team: from simply supplying locomotive drivers to crew your trains to completely outsourced operations. Whatever your rail needs, TransVolution has you covered.

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    Infrastructure Works and Testing

    Track Inspection and Testing, and Rail, Sleeper and Ballast Trains

    Building and maintaining rail infrastructure is no small task. Track inspection vehicles, rail, sleeper and ballast trains, rail grinders, and all manner of works are required to keep a railway operational. Whether you require ‘hook-and-pull’ operations or fully outsourced services, TransVolution has the expertise to safely, reliably and efficiently operate your infrastructure work trains.

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    Hook-and-Pull Services

    If you have your own wagons or carriages and require a railway to operate them, TransVolution has the solution for you. Combining motive power, competent train crews, experienced operational personnel and rail safety accreditation, TransVolution offers efficient, reliable and cost-effective ‘hook-and-pull’ services to meet your freight or passenger train requirements.

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    Train Crewing and Operations

    When you need locomotive drivers to meet your train crew resourcing requirements or if you have a full consist of equipment but just need an operator, TransVolution is ready to assist. With our senior managers having almost a century of rail experience between them, TransVolution is equipped to provide a comprehensive train crewing service and can wrap this with operational planning, co-ordination and management for a complete outsourcing solution.

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    Freight Terminal Management

    If you have a freight terminal in need of an operator, look no further than TransVolution. Whether it is a bulk handling facility or an intermodal rail terminal, located regionally or in a metro area, we can manage and operate it on your behalf to service the rail transport requirements of your customers.

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    All our rail services are provided subject to our standard terms, a copy of which can be obtained here: TransVolution Standard Conditions of Trade.

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