TransVolution is inspiring a transport revolution.

    With a vision to foster Australia’s prosperity through a safe, reliable and efficient transport and logistics industry that fully realises the benefits of all modes of transport, TransVolution is revolutionising rail through innovative ideas, methodologies and equipment designs that improve efficiency and safety whilst decreasing wastage, environmental impact and cost.


    Rail Solutions

    TransVolution’s operations are Australia-wide with in-house rail services across south-east Australia and a partner network providing national rail coverage for our customers' interstate freight needs.


    TransVolution provides the following services:

    • Rail Haulage:
      • Intermodal: Containers and Flat-racks
      • Bulk Freight: Grain, Mining and Bulk Liquids
      • Break-bulk: including Timber, Heavy Haulage and Ro-Ro
    • Rail Operations:
      • Infrastructure Works and Testing Trains
      • Hook-and-Pull Services
      • Train Crewing and Rail Operations Management
      • Intermodal Freight Terminals
    • Consulting:
      • Supply Chain and Logistics
      • Rail Infrastructure and Terminals
      • Rail Freight Demand Assessment

    Committed to innovation and flexibility, TransVolution is reviving rail freight to harness the community, environmental and economic benefits of this under-utilised transport mode.

    The business has been established to respond to the challenge of meeting Australia's growing freight demand over the next few decades.

    TransVolution combines a strong management team with hand-picked industry experts who have the know-how to get the job done right.

    TransVolution works with businesses to understand their unique needs providing more effective services that improve productivity. Better services mean that businesses can reach their market more efficiently.

    Utilising modern equipment and industry best practice, TransVolution is committed to establishing the industry’s most dependable rail freight service.

    Please get in touch to find out more about how TransVolution can help your business with its freight needs.