TransVolution Equipment is a provider of bespoke transport equipment for sale or lease and the associated maintenance, repair, overhaul and rebuild services to exactly meet the requirements of clients


    TransVolution has a diverse range of innovative locomotive and wagon options to meet your rail freight needs.

    We provide our customers high quality rail assets to utilise in their freight transportation operations or, for those with their own fleets, to supplement their fleet.


    ExTe is a leading developer and provider of load securing equipment for road and rail haulage, specialising in forestry logistics products. TransVolution is a proud user of ExTe’s railway products.

    ExTe Railway Products & References Brochure

    Forestry Logistics

    Where there's a railway, there's a better way

    For more than one hundred years, ExTe has successfully designed, developed and delivered products for the safe and efficient securing of cargo. Today ExTe has 70 employees and a turnover of approximately €16M with approximately 20% from the rail sector. ExTe aims to secure cargo as safely as possible at the lowest possible cost.


    ExTe’s rail products are largely manufactured in high-strength steel. All designs are first scrutinised in FEA before prototyping and testing in ExTe’s laboratory. The laboratory tests first comprise of tests to determine the product strength vs UIC and TSI norms. Thereafter, destructive tests are carried out in order understand braking point forces and number of force-cycles before fatigue. Finally, ExTe products undergo operational testing before entering revenue service.


    Note: The term “timber bunk” means a bolster with two stanchions (hence, it takes two timber bunks to carry one pile/bundle/stack of logs).


    For information on ExTe’s highway products, please visit ForestCentre.

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    ExTe SR12 Timber Bunk

    The ruling timber bunk for Scandinavia and New Zealand. Rated at 12-tonne carrying capacity.

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    ExTe SR8 Timber Bunk

    General purpose timber bunk for logs and lumber. Rated at 8-tonne carrying capacity.

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    ExTe SR6 Timber Bunk

    A flexible timber bunk for most wagon types.
    Rated at 6-tonne carrying capacity.

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    ExTe MAXI (SR3)

    A flexible and modular light-weight system.
    Load rating of 5.5 tonnes per pair of Maxi Stakes.

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    ExTe Universal

    Flexible timber bunk with foldable stanchions for return transport of non-forestry goods enabling multiple uses. Rated at 8-tonne carrying capacity.

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    ExTe Multi

    Adaptation of the SR12 and SR8 timber bunks enabling transport of forestry products and containers on the same wagon.

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    ExTe 20ft Logtainer

    Comprises a 20ft container base with timber bunks. Modular design enables use on container wagons.

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    ExTe Support Bolsters

    ExTe's support bolsters protect wagons frames and decks from the impacts and wear-and-tear of forklift grapples during loading and unloading.

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    ExTe End-walls

    With solid and piped options, ExTe's end-walls protect loads from movement during transit.

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    ExTe Fastenings

    With ten different fastening systems, ExTe has you covered, whatever your equipment or preference.

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    ExTe Winches

    ExTe's light-weight Autonordic Winch System 602 keeps loads in place in all conditions.

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