TransVolution is a logistics and rail transport service provider. With rail safety accreditation across Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia from the National Rail Safety Regulator (“NRSR”), TransVolution is the first operator to be so accredited. The accreditation process undertaken by TransVolution was the most rigorous and complete ever undertaken by an Australian rail transport operator and resulted in TransVolution owning the highest quality rail safety management system known to the NRSR. With all states and territories coming under the jurisdiction of the NRSR, TransVolution is poised to rapidly expand its scope of accreditation as required.


    TransVolution has partnered with various transport industry businesses to support its service offerings. This includes road transport operators for line-haul and pick-up/delivery (PUD) services, and major national rail operators for interstate freight transport. TransVolution has also established relationships with railway landholders and rail network managers, implementing access and interface agreements for rail network access. As with the NRSR, the requirements to satisfy each access provider are extremely demanding with respect to prudential and safety perspectives. The standard requirements of access providers are publicly available on most providers’ websites. Access providers typically require $250 million public liability insurance and the satisfaction of various prudential requirements. The process of acquiring access ensures that TransVolution has the required knowledge, skill, capital and capacity to operate on the nominated routes. The access providers have a legal requirement to undertake due diligence in allowing a new rail transport operator onto their network and TransVolution’s success in this endeavour is an objective testament to the quality and competence of the organisation.


    TransVolution is a privately-owned company specialising in developing unique solutions to service its customers’ freight needs. TransVolution has the financial commitment of its shareholders to appropriately resource the business with best-in-class facilities, equipment and technology systems. This has enabled TransVolution to develop and grow its rolling stock fleet and has facilitated partnerships with transport equipment lessors for access to additional equipment as required. These provide a solid foundation from which to operate TransVolution’s freight services.


    TransVolution has identified a market niche created by the larger operators structuring their businesses around coal and other resources haulage. Approximately two-third of net-tonne-kilometres and revenue of the two major national rail freight operators are derived from coal haulage business and less than 5% of all tonne-kilometres in Australia relate to the haulage of non-mining product. In contrast, TransVolution is structured to tailor bespoke IMEX (import-export) and point-to-point rail solutions that respond to customer needs.


    Acknowledged as flexible and imaginative, the key decision-makers in TransVolution are more accessible and open to exploring options that challenge accepted industry practice in order to find mutually beneficial outcomes. TransVolution is leading conversations with government, network managers and industry representatives to make rail more accessible and attractive to a greater proportion of transporters whilst working effectively in partnership with road-based solutions for optimal supply chain logistics.


    TransVolution exists to ‘inspire a transport revolution’ with a vision for the future of a safe, reliable and efficient transport and logistics industry that fully realises the benefits of all modes of transport to the social and economic benefit of Australia.

    TransVolution is unlike other logistics businesses. TransVolution has adopted a breakthrough thinking approach that does not accept the status quo, welcomes the opportunity to solve a problem and willingly works through the innumerable unexplored possibilities in the search for a better way. TransVolution is excited by the challenge and the opportunity. TransVolution is making revolutionary leaps through innovative ideas, methodologies and equipment designs that improve efficiency and safety whilst decreasing wastage, environmental impact and cost.


    There has been a lack of policy vision and under-investment in rail infrastructure over successive decades and an industry that has continually failed to accommodate the demand for services and surrendered opportunities to road with little resistance. Legacy rail operators have demonstrated an unwillingness to tailor service offerings to customer needs and adapt operating methods to suit the type and scale of the freight task. Despite this, there is a growing movement of small- to medium-sized freight tasks returning to rail.


    TransVolution is at the forefront of this movement and hopes to rejuvenate the industry with a commitment to investing in rail and restoring the balance between road and rail freight so that each works to its respective strengths, operating in partnership and not competition. Utilising modern equipment, cutting-edge technology, and innovative practices, TransVolution is committed to establishing the industry’s most dependable and efficient railway—whether operating on broad, standard or narrow gauges. TransVolution is perfectly poised to service the increasing freight demand which is expected to triple by the middle of this century.


    With “transport revolution” at the centre of the business, TransVolution has continued to invest heavily in research and development (R&D) to transform and improve the way freight is transported. Despite the rise of road freight, rail has long been stagnant with little advancement since the dieselisation of the industry replaced ageing steam locomotive fleets.


    TransVolution is dragging the almost two-hundred-year-old rail industry into the twenty-first century with revolutionary design innovations that create tangible benefits such as increased capital and operational efficiency, greater flexibility of rolling stock, improved asset utilisation and reduced environmental footprint which ultimately translate into decreased Total Cost of Services (TCS) for customers.

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