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TransVolution is Australia’s Newest Rail Transport Operator

TransVolution has been granted accreditation by the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator.

TransVolution Rail Pty Ltd today announced it had been granted accreditation by the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator authorising it to carry out railway operations in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales.

The accreditation process took over twelve months and involved rigorous scrutiny of TransVolution’s safety management system by the Regulator.

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TransVolution is an independent company combining fresh management with experienced industry professionals resulting in a team with the knowledge and capacity to challenge traditional approaches to rail freight.

TransVolution Chief Executive, Roger Hore, declared the day a milestone in the history of the Australian rail industry. “We are so proud to be the only multi-state rail freight company to enter the market in over a decade and the first one to be accredited under the new national legislation.”

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Roger Hore’s son, Aaron, is TransVolution’s Chief Financial & Administrative Officer and he led the accreditation project team. Aaron Hore believes TransVolution now leads the industry. “Following the adoption of the new, more comprehensive, national rail safety law the Regulator holds operators to a higher standard. None of the major operators have been through national accreditation and they are still operating under state-based transitional arrangements.”

In reflecting on the process, Aaron Hore admitted that the company had benefited from the Regulator’s review of the system. “We undertook several revisions in response to the Regulator’s feedback. According to the Regulator’s review team, we now have an exceptional safety management system, unmatched in the industry.”

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TransVolution’s Executive Manager – Commercial, Daryl Minter, is delighted with the announcement. “TransVolution is now in a position to bring new energy and ideas to an industry which spans three centuries. We are out to revolutionise rail transport by finding ways to help people move more of their product more efficiently.”
Daryl Minter said “The man in the street knows that rail is the logical answer to Australia’s growing freight task so why, if it so logical, is rail traffic not bursting at the seams?

The answer, according to Daryl Minter, lies as much with the industry itself as with the external challenges it faces. “We may concede that there has been a lack of policy vision and under-investment in rail infrastructure over successive decades but the industry has relinquished the initiative by failing to accommodate the demand for services, surrendering opportunities to road with little resistance. Sometimes effort is required to keep the marginal business on rail and thereby build a bigger, sustainable whole.”

Roger Hore says he has the team that is putting in the effort to get more freight on rail and he is inviting businesses that share TransVolution’s vision to “Come and join the transport revolution!”